Must be a U.S. citizen or U.S. permanent resident

Must be enrolled at a qualifying institution


Flexible monthly term length

Funding limits custom to program cost


Payments begin after graduation

$30,000 minimum income threshold

What is an IBR loan?

We’re not like the others

With many traditional fixed-rate or variable rate student loans, a student’s monthly payment does not change based on their income. In other words, the student is expected to make the payment regardless of whether they are unemployed or have failed to secure a good-paying job.

A safety net for you

Payments with IBR loans adjust based on the borrower’s income, and allow borrowers to apply for loan forbearance1 if they lose their job or make below $30,000 annually. Payments are recalculated annually based on an income-based percentage of the borrower’s current annual salary.

How the IBR No Cosigner Career Training Loan through Edly works

Check your rate and apply

Create your account to get a quote and check to see if you are eligible.

Tuition is paid to your school

Once your application is approved and loan documentation is signed, the funds are sent directly to your school.

Focus on your education

Keep your head down and your grades up! Focus on your education, not your tuition.

Start your career

Make monthly payments based on a percentage of your income after you complete your program.

Key benefits

No cosigner required

Get pre-qualified without affecting your credit score. If approved, loan funds are sent directly to your school.

Flexible, income-based repayment

Make no payments while in school, then make flexible income-based payments once you finish school and land a job.

Reward and benefits

Earn rewards for enrolling in AutoPay, making on-time payments, and using free resources like financial literacy and wellness training and budgeting tools.

Frequently Asked questions

Want to apply
with a cosigner?

The IBR Cosigned Career Training Loan is for borrowers who may qualify on their own but want the flexibility of income-based repayment and prefer the added comfort of a cosigner.