The Edly Employer Pay Repayment Program is designed to help match candidates in in-demand fields (like nursing) with employers who offer student loan repayment as a benefit.

Our goal is to build and compile the nation’s largest database of employers that offer student loan repayment, and to become the first place that job seekers go when starting their search.

For current employees

Employer pay will increase employee retention, employee satisfaction, and help improve financial wellness.

For prospective employees

Offering employer pay benefits differentiates you from other employers helping you with the recruiting process.

Employer Pay Student
Loan Benefits

  Tax advantages

Employers can deduct the cost of education assistance provided to employees as a business expense. The benefit limits vary by employer, but it can total up to $5,250 per year (tax-free), per employee. This means that the first $5,250 of assistance is not counted as taxable income for the employee. Any amount above this limit is subject to regular income tax.

  Talent attraction and retention

Offering student loan repayment assistance can attract top talent and retain valuable employees. Edly can help provide a pipeline of successful students during the recruiting process by promoting your company to prospective employees.

  Easy Implementation

Leverage Edly’s servicing team to connect employers with our dedicated servicing department. Experience the freedom to customize both the amount and frequency for every employee, ensuring transparency and detailed reporting for all payment allocations.

Let's get Connected

Adding your company to the Edly Employer Pay database is easy! Just provide the information in the form at the right and a member of the Edly team will be in contact with you to discuss next steps.

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