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No cosigner

Unlike most private student lenders, Edly doesn’t require student loan borrowers to have a cosigner. Borrowers without a cosigner are more than 3x more likely to get approved* for a student loan with Edly than with other private student loan providers and loan programs.

Income-based payments, designed to be affordable

College costs continue to rise, and so do students’ financial needs. With Edly, repayment amounts are affordable and will continuously adjust to your post-graduation income. That way, you’ll always know what to expect. No student loan payment surprises here!


Life happens. If you lose your job, or your income drops below the minimum income threshold, you can defer your monthly payments with forbearance options.**

Get funded. Fast.

Within 30 seconds, you’ll be able to check your eligibility and repayment terms, whether for undergraduate loans or graduate school loans. If approved and verified, once you accept your offer we’ll send the loan to your school instantly for certification and disbursement. Go ahead and time us.


Check your terms


We’ll check to see if you meet our initial requirements, like school, major and graduation date. Edly does not require a cosigner and is specifically designed for undergraduate students who are within one or two years of graduating and graduate students. If that’s you — you’re already on your way to qualifying.


Apply for funding


Complete your loan application to be considered for your official offer. You can get pre-qualified without affecting your credit score.


Accept your offer


Review your final terms, accept your offer, and we’ll send your info over to your school for certification and disbursement.

Simple payments. Tailored to you.

Learn now, pay later.

Finishing school comes first. Student loan repayments start four months after graduation, and only if you’re earning more than $30,000**.

A private student loan option based on what you’ll actually earn.

Your payments adjust with your pre-tax income. Lose your job? No problem. Borrowers may defer payments in the case of hardship.

Simple, easy loan terms.

Your loan is repaid once you make the required number of payments, even if you’ve paid back less than you borrowed. Or, you can pay it off early at any time. Whatever works best for you.


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Of tuition funded

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Discover industry-leading benefits.

We encourage all students to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form to ensure that you take advantage of all federal student loan programs and financial aid available to you. Edly is designed to help students close the “funding gap” that remains so they may complete their studies. Unlike most private student lenders, such as Sallie Mae or Discover Student Loans, Edly offers a flexible, income-based repayment plan with many borrower protections including payment caps and deferment.

Features of Edly student loans include:

No cosigner or hard credit pull required to pre-qualify

Instant application decisioning

Income-based repayment

Fixed maximum repayment cap

Payments deferred upon loss of job or unemployment

Responsive, personalized customer support

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