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No-cosigner, income-based repayment loans

Your kid needs you.

Just not to cosign.

Prequalify in minutes — no cosigner required No minimum FICO score Simple, income-based repayment

Pre-qualifying does not affect their credit score

Get them the funding they need, without the burden

Preserve your credit score

Don’t let a late payment hurt your credit score. You’ll thank us later.

Keep your money in your pocket

Keep your money in your pocket

Maintain your approval odds

34% of cosigners said cosigning has hurt their ability to qualify for mortgages, auto loans, or other types of financing

Industry-leading benefits

We’re not like the other guys

No cosigner required

No minimum credit score or credit history required

No interest rate

Instant approval

Income-based repayment

Fixed maximum repayment cap

Payments deffered upon loss of job

Responsive, personalized customer support

Help them realize their future,

without impacting yours