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No-cosigner, income-based repayment loans

Your kid needs you.

Just not to cosign.

Prequalify in minutes — no cosigner required Simple, income-based repayment

Pre-qualifying does not affect their credit score

Get them the funding they need, without the burden

Preserve your credit score

Don’t let a late payment hurt your credit score. You’ll thank us later.

Keep your money in your pocket

Keep your money in your pocket

Maintain your approval odds

34% of cosigners said cosigning has hurt their ability to qualify for mortgages, auto loans, or other types of financing

Discover industry-leading benefits.

We encourage all students to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form to ensure that you take advantage of all federal student loan programs and financial aid available to you. Edly is designed to help students close the “funding gap” that remains so they may complete their studies. Unlike most private student lenders, such as Sallie Mae or Discover Student Loans, Edly offers a flexible, income-based repayment plan with many borrower protections including payment caps and deferment.

Features of Edly student loans include:

No cosigner or hard credit pull required to pre-qualify

Instant application decisioning

Income-based repayment

Fixed maximum repayment cap

Payments deferred upon loss of job or unemployment

Responsive, personalized customer support

Help them realize their future,

without impacting yours